How You Can Make Fresh Berries Last Longer


Berries are tasty garden fruits that have unique nutritional values. However, berries must be selected and stored with tender care to maximize their benefits. If you intend to supercharge your diet or enhance your overall health, eating berries is one of the best nutritional bargains around. Before buying them, you should carefully check for mold and broken berries since they usually spoil quickly if they are broken or kept in damp conditions. Good berries that are sold in a supermarket or farmer’s market should not be moist, soft, or pale colored. They should also be kept in clean and dry cartons which indicate that the fruits inside are not moldy. Below are various strategies to make fresh berries last longer:

Do not wash your berries unless you are ready to consume them because the moisture from the water will surely encourage mold. To store them, simply wash these fruits with a water and vinegar solution. By following this washing method, your berries will stay fresh for days and sometimes even weeks. Prepare a diluted vinegar bath in a large bowl with one cup of vinegar and three cups of water. Washing your berries in this solution destroys bacteria and pesky mold.

To get rid of the vinegar taste, remove the moisture from the berries by letting it flow out in a colander and wash them with running water afterwards. In order to make sure that there will be no traces of moisture left on your berries, you can use a salad spinner for thorough drying. Line the salad spinner with three layers of paper towels before placing your berries inside. Let them spin for 15 seconds or until you cannot see any moisture remaining.

Another option to make fresh berries last longer is by dunking them in hot water. Keep them for under water for approximately 30 seconds with a temperature between 120-140°F. Do not let your berries spoil by allowing them to get moldy overnight. Follow these simple steps to keep your berries fresh and enjoy these fruity pleasures.

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15 thoughts on “How You Can Make Fresh Berries Last Longer

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  2. Great information! Now if you have tips on how to keep them in the fridge longer without being eaten so fast that would be nice. ha-ha I’m guessing there is no solution for that right? 🙂

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