How To Make Cold Brewed Coffee


There’s nothing like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. For many, that means something with caffeine, making cold coffee drinks all the rage. While some  may think that iced coffee and cold brewed coffee are the same, they are not. Ice coffee is brewed traditionally at high temperatures then cooled and poured over ice. Cold brewed coffee, on the other hand, is just what it sounds, producing a different taste that aficionados prefer.

Cold brewed coffee has several advantages over its iced cousin, beginning with lower acidity levels. Because the grounds aren’t subject to intense heat, the brew’s chemical profile is different. You’ll enjoy a smoother, more mellow cup that tastes naturally sweeter. Neither will you deal with a watery brew. Iced coffee is essentially diluted because it mixes with melting ice. If you like your beverages with high amounts of caffeine, cold brew is for you. Cold brews have a higher bean-to-water ratio and a longer brew time, making it more caffeine intensive.

Cold brew is an expensive drink in boutique coffee shops. Fortunately, you can make it easily at home in three steps.  Almost any type of large container works, including a Mason jar or if you are going the more traditional route, a French press. Cold brew is also one of the easiest coffee methods available.

Start by grinding 3/4 cup of beans for 4 cups of cold water. Taste is subjective, however, so adjust accordingly. This amount can be doubled or tripled depending on how the size of the container. Make sure the grind is coarse as finer grinds will result in cloudy coffee.

Put the coffee in a container that is deep enough to hold the coffee and water and light enough to be picked up for straining. If using a French press, pour the coffee into the bottom of the canister. For both, gradually add water and stir gently, making sure all the coffee grounds are moistened. Let stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours for proper extraction.

Once steeping has finished, take cheese cloth and line a fine mesh sieve set over a large pitcher or bowl. Pour the coffee through the sieve and wait until the coffee filters out before discarding the cheesecloth. If using a French press simply press down to move grounds to the bottom and pour.

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