Why You Need To Purchase A Kitchen Slicing Mandolin


The kitchen mandolin is one of the least understood, yet most utilitarian kitchen devices that are on the market today. There are so many dishes that can be improved with just the use of this kitchen gadget, that after owning one, you won’t know how you ever lived without one.

What Is A Kitchen Mandolin?

A kitchen mandolin is really just a sharp blade on a flat plane with a blade adjustment that allows cooks to slice thinly through vegetables and other food items. The adjustable blade not only allows you to cut items into almost paper-thin slices, but can also allow you to get the exact same cut thickness every single time.

The Dangers of the Kitchen Slicing Mandolin

The “dangers” of using a kitchen mandolin are probably the biggest reason why more cooks don’t regularly use a mandolin. While you can injure yourself if you are not using this kitchen tool properly — and we have seen it happen — the dangers of using one are extremely over-hyped. Using the tool properly, and paying attention to what you are doing, will allow you to use the mandolin effectively and without the risk of any accidents — just like almost every other tool in the kitchen.

Slicing With A Kitchen Mandolin

Once you realize just how thin you can slice vegetables with a mandolin, your eyes will open to the wide array of dishes that can be improved with extra thin slices. For example:

  • Potato Chips — If you are a fan of ridiculously thin potato chips, the mandolin slicer will give your potatoes such a thin and clean slice, you won’t be afraid to make your own homemade potato chips or kettle chips.
  • Cucumber Slices — Thin slices of vegetables always seem to taste better, and that is perfectly apparent with cucumber slices. Cucumbers can have a strong sort of chlorophyll/plant taste to them.
  • Garlic — An iconic scene in the movie “Goodfellas,” shows a cook who uses a razor blade to cut slices of garlic so thin that they disappear into heated oil, infusing it with garlic flavor. Mandolin’s are razor sharp and actually much safer that trying to slice a small garlic clove using nothing but a loose razor blade.
  • Onions — One of our favorite uses for the mandolin, onions can be quite pungent and have a strong flavor that can stay with you for hours. With extremely thing slices of onions, the flavor will meld better into raw dishes such as salads, and will melt away in soups, sauces and other cooked dishes.
  • Vegetables You Don’t Like — There are lots of vegetables out there that some of us simply don’t like the taste of, yet we are told to eat more of them due to the positive health benefits they hold. Just like onions, garlic, and cucumbers, you can tone down the strong flavors of many vegetables simply by slicing them extremely thinly.

A wonderful kitchen tool, with a multitude of uses, the kitchen mandolin should be in every serious home cook’s kitchen. Get yours today and start experimenting with new recipes, or try out your old recipes with thinner sliced vegetables.

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18 thoughts on “Why You Need To Purchase A Kitchen Slicing Mandolin

  1. My husband bought me the Cadillac of mandolines for my anniversary, and since then I am the “chip lady!” There isn’t a party or family gathering I go to where they aren’t begging for my home made sea salt potato chips. To die for! Best cooking item, outside my Le Creuset pots that I have ever owned👍

  2. That’s the mandolin I use. It’s the best. Also have their spiralizer. Two tools that allow you to be extra creative!

  3. I love my mandolin and use it for tons of things. Eggplants, cucumbers, squash, sweet potatoes…. Best purchase ever.

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