You Will Fall In Love With Grass-Fed Butter


Many people think of butter as merely a cooking ingredient, but did you know that it can be a health food too? The health benefits of butter from grass-fed cows is undeniable, and the flavor is noticeably better as well – it is creamier and richer than the nameless brands at the grocery store. Organic butter is not always grass-fed, but there are ways to determine which brands are in fact from grass-fed cows.

The most obvious difference when you eat food that has butter from grass-fed cows is that it tastes much richer than regular grocery store butter. A factor in this is that it has measurably higher quantities of vitamins A, D, and K2, and also has high levels of conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to prevent heart disease. These micro-nutrients give a different balance to the butter, which leads to a taste that many people prefer. On a side note, the complexity of the flavor means you probably do not need as much of it in your food, which offsets the fact that it is likely more expensive than regular butter.

Butter from grass-fed cows can be a little confusing for the average shopper, however, because the term is not as widely known. You have likely seen organic butter at the store, and you may think that this is the same thing, but it is often not the case. Many organic butters are not grass-fed, and if unless the packaging specifically says it’s grass-fed, it likely is not. Be aware of this difference when shopping.

If your grocery store does not sell it, you may want to look at local farmer’s markets or a group like the Weston A Price Foundation, which promotes the knowledge and interest in butter from grass-fed cows. There are some states in the United States that do not allow farms to directly sell this butter to consumers, but if that is not the case for you, these are excellent resources.

The advantages of grass-fed butter are fantastic – it tastes better, it is healthier, and it is probably easy to find with a little research.

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17 thoughts on “You Will Fall In Love With Grass-Fed Butter

  1. Do you know if European style butter is from grass fed cows? I know it has a much higher fat content which we use to make evil croissants. Do you know of any specific brands that are grass fed?
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Grass-fed butter is better than organic butter, but I usually prefer to use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter (for frying, for example). I think this is something cultural as well, e.g. northern europeans make a larger consumption of butter than southern europeans because they do not have good olive oil, whereas southern europeans make a larger consumption of extra-virgin olive oil. I believe they’re both important for an equilibrate diet: butter is slightly less caloric than olive oil but it contains cholesterol which olive oil doesn’t have. On the other hand, olive oil is more difficult to dose than butter therefore you can easily exceed in its dosage.
    Regardless of whether you use butter or olive oil they key word must be always moderation 🙂
    good article

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