Healthy Breads That Can Even Help You Lose Weight


Now, if you’ve ever been on a reasonably strict and healthy diet before, you’ll know that most diets recommend going easy on the starchy breads, rice, and sugary foods. Instead, you will always hear that wholemeal and whole grain breads, especially if they are BROWN in colour are the way to go! We here at the Italian Home Kitchen Blog could not agree more with this phenomena. Eating healthy always requires a certain amount of discipline, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and lacking any real taste. In this article, we bring to you some of the most delicious and healthy bread options you have when it comes to eating right for your waistline.

Whole-wheat Pita Breads are packed to the brim with tons of minerals and useful vitamins needed by your body, whole wheat pita breads are also proven to reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure risks. It is ideally consumed as one piece.

Rye Breads — Now, this is one of the more common types of healthy breads. You can consume 3-4 slices of this bread without worrying about the calories piled on. It is 100% wheat-free, helps digestion, and has a higher fiber content than normal white bread.

Ezekiel Bread — An interesting combination of barley, wheat, malt, spelt, lentils, and beans, this one is a kind of bread most people don’t know about. It is also different from the rest in this list as it is rich in proteins. It can be found at your local health food store and contains no added sugars in most cases!

Brown-rice bread –  Just as brown rice itself is remarkably nutritious for the body, bread derived from it is the same. It will keep your tummy feeling full and light, giving you heaps of energy on its low-calorie, high-burn content. It is best-tasting when combined with fresh veggies and butter. A more sinful option for the occasional cheat might be low-fat cheese. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to  stick to 2-3 pieces of bread in any one day at max.

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7 thoughts on “Healthy Breads That Can Even Help You Lose Weight

  1. Those breads look AMAZING! I don’t even care if they’re healthy or will help me lose weight lol

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