Warming Tortillas And Keeping Them That Way


As Mexican foods become more popular, so do dealing with some of the more common ingredients. Nothing is more basic than the tortilla, and nothing beats a warm tortilla; the combination of its smell and touch is arguably one of the best, most comfortable, of any simple food. Warming tortillas up and keeping them that way is simplicity itself.

The tortilla itself is simply corn or wheat flour mixed in with a little water and salt, and then flattened, preferably in a tortilla press. The tortilla is then cooked in a pan or on a flat grill, taking just a few seconds to warm up and cook the tortilla. It does not need oil or butter, and in fact it doesn’t add anything to the flavor and just makes it harder to hold. If it is done right the tortilla maintains its flexibility, allowing it to be folded into a burrito. Corn tortillas can also be deep-fried for tostadas or sliced into chips.

However, the tortilla does not need to be eaten right then. As a cold tortilla is not flexible enough for most uses, it helps to warm them up, and there are three basic ways to do so. If there are a number of them to warm up, you can put them on a cookie sheet and slide that into an oven for a few minutes. If you only need to warm a few up, you can use a pan or flat grill to warm them up and possibly given them a little golden brown crunch. You can also use a microwave for a stack of up to six at a time, at about ten seconds per tortilla, with a minimum time of twenty seconds, with no worry of burning of them.

Keeping them warm is even easier. If you lack a tortilla warmer, all you need is a warm, dry towel: Put the tortillas on one side and then cover with the other half, folding over the edges for a little extra warmth. However, do not use an oven as a warmer; even at a low temperature it is likely to burn if not used quickly. This should help you enjoy the smell and warm comfort of the tortilla whenever you want, quickly and with no fuss.

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6 thoughts on “Warming Tortillas And Keeping Them That Way

  1. Yep! In my house, we warm a few on our comal- which basically serves no purpose beyond tortilla warming and taking up space on the stove, and then we stick ’em in a tortilla hat we got from Mexico about 5 years ago. Tortillas are a staple in any Mexican household, and sometimes you simply have to sacrifice a burner. Lol!

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