What Is Italian Spumoni Ice Cream?


If you’re looking for a great summer dessert treats, how about spumoni. You may be like many people who don’t know what spumoni is. What is Spumoni, you might ask? It is an Italian dessert constructed out of multiple layers of ice cream. The common Neapolitan ice cream flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla is a classic example of what a spumoni looks like.

AA049745There are many tasty examples of spumoni combinations. Traditional spumoni is a combination of cherry, pistachio and vanilla or chocolate ice creams. These flavors combine fruit and nuts, which is a traditional Italian mix.  It also can reflect the same colors of the Italian flag, red, green and white when vanilla ice cream is used.

Creating your own customized spumoni could be immensely gratifying. Titillating your taste buds with flavor combinations that are mouth watering to you, could be as simple as putting together some light, summer-like flavors. Try combining raspberry sorbet with vanilla Swiss almond ice cream and creamy lemon gelato.

If you’re even more adventurous, combine some richer ice creams for a mature taste fest that you can wash down with a glass of spirits, brandy or cognac. Traditional spumoni combines the textures of the ice creams giving the mouth a treat of chewy fruit and crunchy nuts. With this adult treat, layer chocolate, chocolate-chip gelato, butter pecan ice cream and dulche de leche. The textures in this delightful treat mix the smooth creaminess of the caramel swirl in the dulche de leche with the crunch of the pecans and the chocolate chips.

Tailor Your Spumoni to Your Personal Preferences

Make sure when you’re creating your customized spumoni, you incorporate as much texture as you desire for your own personal tastes. Spumoni is a little slice of heaven composed of multiple flavors of your favorite cool creamy treat, ice cream, gelato, dulche de leche and/or sorbet. Mix and match to develop the treat of your dreams. Layer it neatly in a loaf and slice it in servings or if your prefer eat it from a bowl in a bomb or dome shaped combination of flavors.

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16 thoughts on “What Is Italian Spumoni Ice Cream?

  1. That looks delicious! Unfortunately at my local grocery stores there are brands that sell “spumoni” flavour ice cream – which is basically a mix of flavours in one tub – it doesn’t work and it gives spumoni a bad name!

  2. I grew up eating traditional Spumoni in New Orleans and miss it so much. The Pistachio was always my favorite. For whatever reason it never occurred to me to make my own. This will be getting added to our ice cream lists for the summer!

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