The Basic Ingredients You Should Stock Up on For Baking


We all know someone who makes those magically wonderful desserts that just seem to melt in your mouth upon tasting them. While beginning cooks sometimes think that there must be some sort of magic involved, it’s really much more simple. Becoming a wonderful baker is more than simply having artistic flair or an uncanny ability. It’s simply about precision, patience and maintaining several basic baking ingredients in your kitchen.

The experts here at the Italian Home Kitchen Blog know that you’re probably not making cannolis every chance you get. Yet, we know that you need some basic pantry essential on hand that will allow you to create delicious treats whenever you like. To succeed in making wonderful treats, you need basic baking ingredients on hand that will allow creation of many different types of tasty sweets and desserts.

Here are basic baking ingredients that every well-stocked pantry should have:
• Unbleached all-purpose white flour
• Rolled oats
• Stone-ground cornmeal
• Salt
• Baking power
• Baking soda
• Granulated white sugar
• Confectioner’s sugar
• Brown sugar
• Honey
• Canned pumpkin puree
• Bar baking chocolate
• Cocoa powder
• Shredded unsweetened coconut
• Vanilla extract
• In-season ripe fruit
• Dried fruit

Some of those ingredients are no-brainers. After all, you can’t bake without flour, but rolled oats, for example, adds texture to cookies, while the different types of sugar have their own specific uses in baking. Plain white sugar, for example, is ideal for blending with wet ingredients. Baking powder and baking soda are essential for light and airy creations, white pure vanilla extract adds wonderful flavor to all sorts of breads and cookies.

As you become more savvy with your creations, you’ll want to add the following ingredients to your basic list to create even more tempting treats:
• Whole wheat and other alternative flours such as rye and gluten-free
• Coconut oil
• Alternative liquid sweeteners such as molasses and agave
• Alternative granulated sweeteners
• Raw sugar
• Corn syrup
• Cornstarch
• Vanilla beans
• Condensed milk and evaporated milk
• Ripe bananas

Check back often with Italian Home Cooking for more tips that will make you a savvy cook.


9 thoughts on “The Basic Ingredients You Should Stock Up on For Baking

  1. While I enjoy creating cakes & cookies, I’ve always considered myself more of a roaster than a baker. It is great to know I already have the ingredients in my kitchen to successfully bake!

  2. I love this photo! It makes everything look so appealing and makes you want to get baking! Must query though – canned pumpkin puree? Obviously very American ingredient as it’s not even available here (in Australia) Not that I would buy it anyway – surely making your own fresh pumpkin puree is so easy and quick and tastes infinitely better!
    And just a note about Corn Syrup – this stuff is an artificially produced product that has a lot of serious health issues raised about it – you should read some of the stuff out there. My advice, is to avoid it and use maple syrup or honey, brown rice syrup or barley malt – all real natural products. Or even plain glucose syrup is better than corn syrup.
    Cheers Mims

    • Agreed with the pumpkin puree and the corn syrup… We personally don’t use corn syrup or even corn starch either, but a lot of baking recipes do call for it, hence its inclusion on this list for general bakers everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to read our articles.

  3. Such good advice! I hate it when I have the urge to bake some cookies and I have no chocolate chips for example!

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