Foods That Can Settle An Upset Stomach


A healthy digestive system is crucial for our well-being. When we have an upset stomach, we hesitate to go out, get distracted from work, and may feel excruciating pain. Most doctors would recommend taking an antacid for such situations but this is not always possible or appealing. Fortunately, food can also be used to settle an upset stomach.


Miso Broth

Those who are feeling unwell tend to be dehydrated, low on electrolytes, or both at the same time. Among the best remedies is to drink broth in small sips. This can either be made of chicken stock or vegetable stock depending on the person’s preference and ingredient availability. Adding sodium is advised to restore electrolyte balance in the body. Mixing a bit of miso to the broth will do the job and make it taste better. Have rice or noodles on the side if you wish. Remember your younger days when your mom used to make you chicken soup when you were sick? The same principle applies.



If you are having chronic digestive issues, consider drinking ginger tea on a regular basis. Ginger contains a natural anti-inflammatory substance that calms the stomach. It makes the digestive tract function more efficiently while keeping is free from distress. When it comes to potency, fresh ginger will always win over the powdered version. However, chewing on the former might prove to be too much for some. Boiling slices in water to make ginger tea is the traditional preparation. For convenience, you may mix ginger powder with water using the prescribed amounts on the label.



Mint is mostly known as a breath freshener but there is actually more to it than that. Peppermint promotes gut health but it only works if you take the natural extract. Don’t be tempted to reach for mint candies and chewing gums as they are unlikely to help and may even worsen the condition because of their excessive sugar content. Stick to high quality sources to get the most out of mint.

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14 thoughts on “Foods That Can Settle An Upset Stomach

  1. This post is really useful for me since i have a problem with my stomach.. i would love to see more posts like this

  2. It is refreshing to see a site that educates the public on natural HEALTHY remedies to treating symptoms. As a physician, I like exploring the root causes to treat health maladies, but in times of acute distress, your posting offers excellent choices for temporary relief. I look forward to reading additional articles on your site.

    I also wanted to thank you for viewing my site. Let’s see if together, we can make a difference in the quality of lives out there.

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