Building Your Kitchen Workstation

156272491Your kitchen workstation should be clean and well stocked for a multitude of dish preparations. Things you really need at your prep station are a cutting board for meat and one for vegetables. You’ll also need a chef’s knife and a paring knife and a few other tools along with water for hydration.

Cutting Boards

Starting with your medium sized cutting boards.  Secure them with a non-slip pad and a damp towel to keep it from slipping as you work. It’s tempting to work on too many foods when you board is too big, so stay with a smaller board and keep it cleared of food debris and juices between foods.

Keeping It Clean

Never use the spoon you’re cooking with for tasting. Make sure you keep tasting spoons nearby for quality control and sanitation.  Use a plastic bag lined bowl placed within reaching distance to dispose of all your peels, skins, packaging and other discarded food particles.  Keep salt and pepper handy in a pepper mill and a ramekin for easy access.

Additional Kitchen Tools and Utensils

The other tools you might need include a fish spatula, microplane, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, tongs, an apron, dish towel, squeeze bottles and paper towels.  Each one of these is likely to be used each time you prepare a dish. The best way to store them so you have accessibility is in a wide mouthed storage jar that sits squarely on the counter for easy reach and visibility.

Lastly, keep your recipe holder within reach to the side and something to drink as well.  You may need to refer to the recipe from time to time. It’s good to keep water handy just in case you get dehydrated while cooking in a hot kitchen. Water may not be your preference, so keep a liquid such a wine, juice or tea handy.

Your kitchen workstation should be functional and well organized. By storing only the tools necessary for food prep, you can keep the clutter down to a minimum and everything can be stored in its allocated space. Now you’re ready to cook, from cutting and slicing to cooking, your prep workstation is adequately stocked for you to start and finish any meal.

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