Why You Should Love Tarragon Vinegar

TarragonVinegar is such a wonderful cooking ingredient and has many practical uses in and out of the kitchen. There are many different types and flavors of vinegar including:

  • distilled white vinegar (the most basic form of vinegar with a flat and and strong flavor)
  • white wine vinegar (having much more flavor than distilled)
  • red wine vinegar (with a full bodied flavor)
  • rice wine vinegar (for a mild kick and great flavor)
  • balsamic vinegar (strong, flavorful and sweet)

Today we will introduce you to (or rekindle your love for) tarragon vinegar.

Tarragon vinegar is delightful and is often called for in French cuisine and recipes for its slight herb flavor and mild kick. Especially tasty when used in simple dressings and vinaigrette, tarragon can kick up boring salads or add an extra height to your fresh vegetables.

Cleaning Fresh Vegetables with Tarragon Vinegar

134203560While its preferred use is as a flavored acid for cooking, tarragon vinegar is great to use as a vegetable wash. If you have ever used distilled white vinegar as a wash bath for your vegetables such as potatoes, celery and other vegetables that can carry a lot of soil and dirt, you know that the vinegar bath is a safe way to wash your veggies; with a tarragon vinegar, you can ensure that your vegetables are washed clean, and a hint of the tarragon flavor will remain on vegetables. While this flavor will dissolve away during heavy cooking, you will still catch that hint of flavor if you are eating vegetables raw or lightly steamed.

Cleaning With Tarragon Vinegar Hint

If you like to clean your kitchen counters and other surfaces with distilled white vinegar but you or your family is put off by the strong odor that is left behind, try switching to tarragon vinegar; though it will still have a vinegar odor, the odor is toned down quite a bit by the tarragon, and after the vinegar dissipates, the tarragon aroma will still perfume the room lightly.

Recipes You Can Cook With Tarragon Vinegar

The nice thing about this being a basic ingredient that has been flavored is that you can simply use it as a substitute in all of your favorite recipes that call for white or even rice wine vinegar. The vinegar will still do its job in all of your recipes, but will carry extra flavor into the dish.

Try Out Your Tarragon Vinegar With This Delicious Tarragon Vinegar Chicken Recipe >>

Where To Get Tarragon Vinegar

Most likely, tarragon vinegar can be found in any grocery store in your area, but a word to the wise: stay away from very cheap and bargain brands — you will not be impressed by the flavor of poor quality tarragon vinegar. The best tarragon vinegar to get are from brands that really spend their time collecting high quality and flavorful tarragon. If the tarragon vinegar brand looks like it was made in 100,000 gallon batches with dried tarragon powder, it probably was and will have a dusty vinegar flavor.

Get Our Favorite Tarragon Vinegar Now:

Or You Can Make Your Own At Home

While tarragon can be made at home, be aware that it does take quite some time to get a good flavored tarragon vinegar. Be sure you have several weeks or months to wait for your homemade tarragon vinegar!

Homemade Tarragon Vinegar Recipe:

For every 2 cups of tarragon vinegar you want to have, you will need 1/2 a cup of fresh tarragon packed tightly into the measuring cup. Be aware that some of the vinegar will be lost as it soaks into the leaves and stems of the tarragon itself, and be sure to filter out all of the tarragon from the finished product before adding to recipes.

STEP 1: Bring your white distilled or white wine vinegar and tarragon to a boil in a large soup pot (2 Cups Vinegar to 1/2 Cup Tarragon).

STEP 2: Remove from heat, allow to cool and pour the vinegar through cheesecloth into sealable jars. Allow jars to rest in a cool/dark place for 1 week to 2 weeks.

Step 3: Filter the vinegar through cheesecloth once again, place in a brand new and clean sealable jar and return mixture to its cool/dark place again for 3-6 months, depending on how mellow you like your flavor.

Are You Making a Tarragon Vinegar Vinaigrette? Try Using Spanish Olive Oil for a Perfect Tarragon Salad Dressing:

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12 thoughts on “Why You Should Love Tarragon Vinegar

  1. Thanks for the tips on other uses for vinegar, and specifically tarragon vinegar. It’s very difficult to find in South Africa, so I do make my own. Vinegar is also good, and environmentally friendly way of dealing with unwanted moulds.

  2. I live where it is too hot ot grow tarragon. What is your opinion of Mexican Mint Marigold, as a substitute? Does it work the same, only different? or is it totally laughable? Or what? Thanks for the “follow” at my place!

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