Every Home Cook Needs An Immersion Blender

immersion BlenderTelevision star and chef Emeril Lagasse loved to jokingly call his immersion blender his boat motor, and it essentially is a small boat motor; that joke was told many times over the span of his live cooking show over the years, as he was constantly using his immersion blender to puree out delicious recipes. Just as celebrity chefs cannot go without their immersion blenders, neither should you — the everyday home chef.

Immersion blenders are wonderful kitchen gadgets with a wide array of uses; everything from tomatoes to beans can be blended into a fine and smooth consistency in just minutes with these blenders. Also called stick blenders, immersion blenders allow cooks to take the power of a full sized blender and dip it into pots to blend away to the desired consistency. Once you begin to use your immersion blender, you will soon realize the wealth of recipes that you can now make easily and in very little time

Dishes You Can Make With An Immersion Blender

Tomato Catsup (Ketchup) — Do you have a love for Ketchup but don’t want to use the store bought concoction of high fructose corn syrup and a cocktail of preservatives? Making homemade ketchup is simple and fast with your immersion blender! See A Recipe For Homemade Ketchup HERE >>

Homemade Mayonnaise — While many do not have a taste for mayo, others cannot get enough of it. Just like today’s store-bought ketchup is nothing like real ketchup and is filled to the brim with chemicals, most store-bought mayo is not real mayonnaise and is probably mostly oil — yuck! With your new immersion blender you can easily make REAL mayonnaise at home. See A Recipe For Homemade Mayonnaise HERE >>

Cream Soups and Bisque — have you ever had a potato soup that was so smooth and creamy that you wonder how it was made? Chances are, an immersion blender is to thank for the consistency. Vegetables in your soup can be pulverized quickly with an immersion blender and — after being run through a sieve — will have a perfectly smooth consistency with all of the flavors blended together perfectly.

The Best Mashed Potatoes You’ll Ever Have — Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but sometimes those little lost lumps in a relatively smooth batch of mashed potatoes can really throw you off. Using your immersion blender to perfectly blend your mashed potatoes with garlic, rosemary, or other seasonings will leave you with perfectly smooth and delicious potatoes EVERY TIME.

A Multitude of Uses

The best part about today’s immersion blenders is that they come in a full kit, with tall cups so you can use it as a traditional drink blender for smoothies or milkshakes, and attachments that will turn your immersion blender into a food processor. This is especially handy for those with small kitchens or kitchenettes with very little storage space. So get your very own immersion blender today and start making better, fresher food, with a smooth and pleasing texture.

Get Your Own Immersion Blender Now!


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