Types of Tomatoes and Tips for Cooking with Them


The process of cooking tomatoes becomes easier when you know the different types available on the market. They usually vary in size, design and taste but serve a common purpose of adding more nutrients and improved taste to your meals. Learning the different types of tomatoes also makes it easier for you to choose the right one for that particular meal you want to prepare.

Types of tomatoes


They are usually big, juicy and can weigh up to one pound. These tomatoes are well-known for their thick flesh and mild flavor that make them suitable for raw consumption. They also contain high water content, and that is why they are mostly used in sandwiches and salads.


Alternatively known as plum tomatoes, Romas are mostly used for sauce. This species is relatively drier than the others. Most tomatoes under this species are usually thin-skinned and tangy.


Minis are sweeter and have thinner skins. They can be consumed either raw or cooked because of their sweetness. They can also be packed and consumed as mid-afternoon snacks, cooked with herbs, or included in a salad.

Heirlooms and Hothouse

These two types of tomatoes come with a wide variety of colors, sizes and flavors.Β  Hothouse tomatoes are available throu

ghout the year and most of them come with a mild flavor. Heirlooms are usually bred with open-air pollination techniques and they do not contain genetically modified organisms.

Tips for Cooking with Tomatoes


Some people love peeling tomatoes before cooking with them. This is done especially when long-cooked dishes are involved. For successful peeling, make a shallow X at the bottom of the tomato, and then slice out the top core, and boil the fruit for approximately 10 seconds. This process loosens the skin of the tomato therefore making it easier to peel it off.

When seeding a tomato, slice it into two equal halves, and then squeeze the seeds out of the fruit. The juice and seeds should be squeezed into a strainer that has been placed on top of a bowl. If you want to make sundried tomatoes, you can use the oven for best results. This technique works better when smaller tomatoes are used. These fruits can be boiled, fried, grilled or roasted depending on the main meal that is being prepared.

There are hundreds or probably thousands of tips for cooking tomatoes. The most important thing is to consider the kind of meal you want to prepare. This makes it easier for you to choose tomatoes that come with the right size, color and flavor.


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