Rocky Mountains Snow Guards And Their Importance

During winter, accumulated snow may be a cause of catastrophic accidents. This may happen when the accumulated snow may fall in the form of an avalanche that may cause a lot of harm to people and property. For this reason, snow guards were created to create enough friction between the snow or ice and the roofing surface in such a way as to prevent such falls. The type of snow guard used will depend on the roofing material used, the steepness of the roof, the budget of the owner and the location. However other things like the preferences of the owner with respect to color, design or the type of snow guards will be put into consideration. Rocky Mountain Snow Guards specialize in roof top retention systems and services.

Necessity Of Snow Guards

The slope of the roof is also fundamental in the determination of the necessity of the snow guards. Some roofing materials like asphalt also have a higher level of friction. This means that unless the snow quantities are extremely high, there is no need for installation of snow guards. However, this is contingent on the degree of the slope of the roof. This is where the experts come in. They advise you in accordance with the roof type, its pitch, the location and other considerations. Therefore, in case you require installing the snow guards, get in touch with Rocky Mountains Snow Guards and give the necessary information and they will give the necessary advice.

What Do You Need?

Rocky Mountains snow gaurds have been authenticated and have been determined to be durable. With the availability of a myriad of colors to choose from, the snow guards can be used in just any home with the necessary customizations. There is a need to consult with Rocky Mountains experts in order to have the best fit for the snow guards designed. The experts will automatically design the snow guards to be used for your house or building upon provision of certain details. Moreover, this does not force you into purchasing it if you are not comfortable.

Here Is An Example Of Asphalt Shingle Installation Below:

Perfected Patent

The snow guards that Rocky Mountains Snow Guards make have been perfected by the expertise of the founder and the executive team. The SnowTrapper Snow Guard is an invention of this company. In addition, they have developed a Z Clamp-To-Seam Snow Fence that is also a durable and great product for any roof type or size. The expertise of the team in the company has improved the demand for their products over the years. This has resulted in a move to a location that enables the clients to locate them easily. It has also led to improvement from a small humble company to the entity it is today.

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Roof Top Snow Retention Systems


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