Health Benefits of Turmeric


It seems that in just 2 short years, the majority of the world has seen an amazing “waking up,” when it comes to the health and safety of the foods that we are eating. More people are rejecting processed foods, foods stuffed with fillers, genetically modified foods, and other unnatural foods, drugs, and chemicals that have been added to our dietary intake over the past several decades. With the progressive movement towards more natural options for both food and medicine, many are becoming more interested in knowing what foods they can add to their regular diet to gain health benefits that they have been missing out on with an unhealthier diet.

Turmeric Miracle Spice

Turmeric has long been held as a miraculous spice that holds both medicinal as well as dietary benefits. It has been used for centuries as an all-natural anti-inflammatory, and — according to some research — turmeric is a more efficient anti-inflammatory than many of the synthetic equivalents being used in modern pharmacological dispensaries today. Here are some of the known benefits of turmeric.

Antiseptic: Turmeric is a natural anti-septic that can sanitize surfaces, skin, and even medical tools of certain bacteria and pathogens.

Cancer Treatment: Turmeric — when combined with Cauliflower — has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and even prevent the further growth of cancerous prostate tumors. In medical studies, in mice infected with breast cancer cells that have been given doses of turmeric, the turmeric stopped the cancer cells from spreading to the lungs. Preliminary studies have also shown that turmeric actually prevents multiple forms of cancer from being able to metastasize in other parts of the body.

Depression Treatment: Ancient Chinese medicine has long used turmeric as a treatment for cases of depression. While no modern studies have linked the benefits of turmeric to the successful treatment of depression, the overall holistic benefits of the spice suggest that there is a real depression treatment benefit to turmeric.

The list of all of the benefits of turmeric is extensive, but aside from treating individual maladies with the spice, turmeric is an all around good natural spice that should be added to a regular diet in moderate amounts. Living healthy can be difficult in this day and age, so give your body a little extra help with regular intake of turmeric.


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