Vacation Lodging in Italy


What is the most expensive part of an Italian vacation?

Believe it or not, it is not necessarily the airfare, or even the delicious traditional Italian dishes that travelers  seek out from all around the world. The most expensive part about a holiday or vacation in Italy is actually the cost of lodging. At least, it is the most expensive if you do not do it the correct way. What is the correct way? We hope to enlighten our fellow travelers to exactly what they should be considering.

Stay Away From Hotels!

This may seem a little strange, but the hotels are not your friend — at least not when it comes to your wallet. $200+ per night may seem reasonable for a hotel room in Venice, because it is Italy, right? Italy is an expensive place to live, let alone travel… so $200 per night is nothing. This is not exactly true, but is a popular opinion that is promoted by the hotel and travel industries. In fact, the hotels want you to think that a hotel is your only option for lodging when you are on vacation in Italy.

Vacation Rentals Are The Way to Go!

This practice is actually the most popular way for Europeans and “people in the know” to get their lodging in Italy. Whereas 7 days in a hotel can cost upwards of $1,400.00, renting a vacation home in Italy can be $1,000.00 per week or even less. Not only are vacation rentals less expensive — in the long run — but they also offer many more amenities than a hotel, including full kitchens, multiple bathrooms, enough rooms for large vacationing parties, and even land or seafront property.

So if you are planning an Italian vacation, or hope to visit one day, do yourself a favor and bypass the Italian hotels completely. Look into your vacation rental property options; you will be amazed at how much you can save on lodging, and how much more you can spend on those delicious Italian dishes.

vacation homes in Italy

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