Is Your Air Conditioner Poisoning Your Home?

134817727When it comes to the air quality of your home, you might think that you have taken all of the steps to rid your home of any toxins in the air, but this might not always be so.

The number one perpetrator of toxic air quality in the home is an old, faulty, air conditioner unit, or a unit that has fallen into disrepair. Older AC units were only meant to be efficient at the time they were originally purchased. You may have noticed that the older units have much shorter warranties than today’s energy saving and super-efficient HVAC systems. This is because those older units were not capable of having a very long and efficient lifespan. If you still have one of these outdated units pumping air into your family’s home, the unit could be pumping much more than just air.

Particulates, dander, dust, and molecules are just one of the types of toxins that could be invading your home through the air conditioner. One must also think about mold, lead and other particulates from dry and aging paint, and even viruses that are not being filtered out by the aging unit. All of these toxins pose a dangerous threat to the health of yourself, and any other individuals living in the house.

No matter what age, or type of AC unit you have in your home, it is essential to seek regular air conditioner service and air conditioning repair for aging units. Air Conditioner service is quite affordable, with many dealers and service technicians offering free estimates and semi-annual checkups at small rates. AC service companies do not charge much for these regular HVAC service calls, because they know the importance of keeping an AC unit in perfect working order.

Get your air conditioner serviced today to avoid putting your family’s health at risk:

air conditioner service


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