Summer Grilling 2013 and Site Updates

We are very excited for Summer Grilling 2013

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

iBellhop -- Summer Grilling 2013 -- Exclusive Ipad

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“Hooray, hooray… we’re on our way… our summer vacation starts today” — Stan and Jan Berenstain

Summer is in full-bloom, and iBellhop is hungry for some summer BBQ! For the next few months , we will be running our “Summer Grilling 2013” campaign. What does this campaign entail? It intends to be a summer-long stream of articles, photo galleries, restaurant reviews, and — of course — our favorite Room Service Menus.


As always, we are continuing to update and optimize it for use all around the world, and on any device around. As iOS 7 release approaches, you will see many more updates, and resolution will be much greater in the future. [though, it is a constant battle against loading times — Sorry 😦 — ]

We will be posting a site update in a few hours tonight, as…

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